Shabu, Shopping, and other Shenanigans

If you're looking for it in Seoul, you can probably find it in Hongdae. Hongdae has everything! It's one of the most popular and happening places in Korea. If you miss Chinese food, I mean real Chinese food and not that Korean stuff they like to call Chinese food, you definitely want to come to Hongdae and eat at Little Fat Sheep. It's a franchise for Mongolian hot pot (but basically Chinese) and it is amazing. It's buffet style for like 20,000 Won a person. All-you-can-eat! I took my sister there when she came. She loved it because back home we don't get the individual pots. Here you eat can get your own individual pot so you can have your own soup. It can be super spicy or normal. Beware though because they do use a lot of herbs and spices that you may not be used to. If you can handle it, I really recommend this place. It's across the street from the Starbucks that is on that big street with the TGI Fridays on the corner.
Onto the SHOPPING!!! Hongdae has amazing things to buy. If you've never been there, you should definitely go, and if you have, you should go again because I'm pretty sure they have new things since the last time you went. One of my favorite places is this Anymode that sells awesome phone cases. Yes yes...I am one of THOSE people who need to change their phone cases like once a month because I get bored of it. If that's not your thing, it's ok! On the same street you can also find loads of clothing stores selling the latest trends in Korea. If you see it hanging in the stores in Hongdae, it means it's the hottest thing or it's going to be. When I was in Taiwan, they advertise (MADE IN KOREA) because it's just that damn popular! Come get it while it's hot. The best part is...all of this is within walking distance of JK House ;) 

SHENANIGANS!! Once it starts to get dark, Hongdae gets packed with people from all over Korea! There are many students and young people looking for a good time. It's known for their night clubs, bars, live music and amazing night life. As I had mentioned in a post before, coffee shops are awesome there too so if the night scene is not for you, make sure to check it out during the day. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.
Hongdae Park (Featured in many dramas, it's like iconic)

I've included some pictures of some things that happen in Hongdae. The guy was playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with people. There's some sort of punishment for losing. There are also students selling handmade T-Shirts and live music on the street. If you're ever bored Hongdae is the place to go. I spend my weekends in Hongdae JK House because sometimes I can't handle the country life that is Wonju. If you need a guide, leave a comment I'd be happy to show you around! ^^