Cultural Experiences at JK House

Chuseok is Korea's Thanksgiving. This holiday is so big that many places close early so that people can go spend time with their families. It's an important holiday and so here at JK House we wanted people to experience that. We're making some of these "Jeon" or Korean pancake things that people have on Chuseok.

I was just in Taiwan for Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) or Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. We get many guests from Taiwan visiting, we should do some sort of cultural exchange. After spending about 5 days in Taiwan I spent the weekend resting up in Wonju. I met up with 2 girls who I met through JK House! It's a great place to meet people and make friends so make sure to come check out JK House. We even celebrated Chuseok together at the guesthouse with all the international guests.
A Big Happy International Family!
It's always exciting here because there are always new faces and people to meet. If you're traveling alone or with friends, it's fun to hang out and experience some traditional Korean things. In the picture, they're holding "dok" or Korean rice cake. It is a Korean tradition to eat something called "songpyeon" on Chuseok. Many families make it together, some just buy it. As you can tell by our prepackaged packs, we bought ours. "Songpyeon" is rice cake that is filled with different things like sesame, peanut, honey or red beans. They're kind of like chewy dumplings. If you find yourself in Korea in the fall, you should definitely have some "songpyeon".