Oppa Gangnam Style

It's the most beautiful time of year in Korea right now. The weather has cooled down and the trees are just starting to change colors. When you walk down the street you can see lots of deep reds, bright oranges and beautiful yellow leaves covering the trees. With the crisp fall breeze in your face and a scarf around your neck you could spend hours just walking the streets, window shopping and enjoying the scenic view that Korea has to offer.

One of the coolest streets in Seoul, located in Sinsa-dong in Gangnam is called Garosugil (or literally translated, tree-lined street). There are many "tree-lined" streets in Korea, but what makes this place so famous is the chic feel of the area. It's often called the "Europe in Seoul" because of the trendy stores and amazing dessert places this place has to offer. There are dainty coffee shops, vintage stores, designer stores, art galleries, and many other eclectic places to be found there. It is in a more affluent part of Seoul so the streets are cleaner, the people are dressed nicer and the cars are almost all German import. I'd love to go into even more detail about this place but I think you should really just go and check it out yourself. It is close to Apgujeong and Cheongdam, so after you've spent all your money (or resisted spending all of it) on designer clothes on the Korean "Rodeo" street, you can come relax, have a coffee with an amazing dessert and spend the rest of the afternoon people watching. Oh and this place is all about fusion. One of my favorite places is called Schoolfood. It's like Kimbap Nara with a modern twist. The prices are pretty reasonable and the food is good. They also have a cream beer there that is pretty good.

I cheated a little bit because these are actually pictures from my last trip there a few weeks ago before the leaves started to change color. I hear it's much more beautiful now and it is a very romantic place to bring your significant other on a date. I will try to make it out there and get a few shots of the autumn leaves. If you want to go see it for yourself first, there is how to get there:

Sinsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 3 "Orange Line") Exit 8.
Go straight (250m), until you see the street on the left.

If you're not into trendy chic, how about some crazy cool new technology?

Samsung D'light is located in the Samsung Electronics building in Seocho Dong. It is a giant exhibition space filled with the latest things Samsung has created. There is a store inside that has everything and everything you need from Samsung. This place is very hands on and it gives you a sneak peek of Samsung's plan for the future. Admission is free but it is closed on Sundays and national holidays. Operating hours are 10-7pm.


Gangnam Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 "Green line") Exit 8.

Gangnam has it all, from the best plastic surgeons in town to the highest priced real estate in the country. It offers you fast cars, beautiful people, and the best $60 haircut you've ever got in your life. It also has some pretty shady night life for those who have too much money to spend. (I'll go into those details after this.)

Want to feel like a celebrity or sit next to one while you're getting the princess treatment? (or prince treatment) Well, let's just say getting a haircut at one of these fancy places in Cheongdam is like getting the royal treatment. I was recommended by a friend to go to one of these places. I was imagining for the service provided that it would cost me an arm and a leg, but it was very affordable. I wish my hair grew faster so I could go back and get it cut again. Let me tell you how this goes. You go in, they take your bag. The assistant asks you who you've made an appointment with and what you would like done with your hair. Then he or she takes you to get your hair washed. They throughly wash your hair, massage your head and basically make you feel as comfortable as possible. The chairs are electronic and they recline you into the perfect position for your hair to be washed. (I want to be rich so that I could do this every day!) Then they walk you to your station and your hair designer comes out. You tell them what you want and they get to work. While he is working on your hair, the assistant brings out a menu and asks you what you would like to drink. On the menu is your basic coffee, tea and juice varieties. When they bring it to you, they give you cookies with it as well. Here is the most ridiculous part...because you sit a little out of reach from the table, they hand you the drink when you want it and put it down for you after! I imagine someone holding a leaf over my head and feeding me grapes or something. Anyway...so they cut, and dry your hair. This requires both the designer and the assistant. Then after all of this is done, they walk you to the counter and then to the door. I had a backpack so the assistant actually puts the backpack on my back for me and him and my designer bow and see me off. Oh and if you forget that your hair is getting too long, your hair designer personally sends you a text reminding you that you might need a hair cut soon. I think if I keep getting spoiled like that there, I'll forget how to breathe on my own. Anyway...this is to give you an idea of the "Gangnam style" way of living that the song talks about. Oh and the first place I went to even gave me face cream and foundation to take home as a gift. All of this for just $60 for the cut and I forget how much for the color. At home, it would cost $300+ and don't forget the tip!

Last bit about Gangnam before I finish today's entry:

Host bars and Business clubs

To be touched upon next time because...it's 2am and time for bed. Good night!

-Absolutslacker (JK HOUSE blogger)