坡州之旅-Heyri藝術村、普羅旺斯 A journey to art village and Provence~

What would you plan to do if you had a 10 days vacation?

最近來 JK 入住的一群朋友們因為行程中有空檔卻不知道要去哪裡而苦惱著,所以老闆提議大家一起去坡州 Heyri 藝術村玩~
We have some friends from Taiwan recently who has a free day out of their schedule and didn't know where to go. And so JK suggested everyone to go for a day tour in Heyri, the art town.

坡州 Heyri 藝術村位於京畿道坡州市,搭乘大眾交通運輸工具可能比較不方便,從弘大出發的話大約是一個小時的車程,讓我們搭上 JK 11 人座新車開車兜風去~
Heyri art village, which is in Paju, proves kinda difficult to travel by public transport, so everybody hopped on to JK's 11-seater private car for a trip to Paju!

A photo for memory at the entrance!

以前的坡州因為是軍事地區,為了開發坡州的觀光及發展,所以建立了坡州 Heyri 藝術村、楊平英語村、普羅旺斯等,現在都變成觀光熱門景點了吶~
Paju used to be a military base, now for the purpose for tourism, Heyri art village, English town, and Provence have been developed. It is now well-known as a popular tourism spot. 

坡州 Heyri 藝術村建於 1998 年,佔地約有五十萬平方米,是一個聚集了韓國國內的藝術家、作家、建築師、音樂家等的一個藝術聚集區,因為強調跟自然共生,所以這裡的建築物都不高,但是每棟都有自己的特色,走在路上到處都可以看到很有獨特風格各式各樣的設計喔!
Paju Heyri art village was built in 1998, with an area of approximately 500000m2. It is a province where artist, writers, architects and musicians gathers. Because of the emphasize on sustaining the image of the nature environment, low-rise buildings were built. However, every buildings were distinctively unique in their own design.

這是坡州藝術村的地圖~This is the map of Paju.

There are quite a number of cafes and restaurants and various museums, galleries and exhibitions in this village. Most of them requires a ticket for entry while a couple of them allows free entrance. 

You can find the ticketing information at the entrance and special packages are available for group visiting.

If you're a strawberry fan, make sure you head over to the strawberry girl theme park!

Visit the history museum for some interesting facts in Korea's history and the fascinating collection of artefacts. 

There is no better place to snap some funny pictures!

這裡有電影博物館跟 3D 視覺藝術館,還有美美的咖啡店街,光是拍照就可以玩樂一整天了~
There's movie museum, trick art museum and pretty cafes all around.  

This is free-entrance museum, where you'll find lots of silly statues, so make sure you don't miss it! 

This is our lunch in a famous restaurant in Paju, Seafood tofu pot , with yummy soup base made from soy bean harvested locally . 

Having a cuppa in Provence after a hearty meal~

這裡是從 1996 年因為一間義大利餐廳進駐後開始聲名大噪,隨著美味的咖啡館跟烘焙坊也進駐到這個地區,獨特的家具行跟優美的玻璃陶瓷店等的增設,更讓這條街道更有普羅旺斯的感覺了。
The popularity of this region bloomed after an Italian restaurant started its business, following by bakeries and cafes and fancy furniture stores joining in the conglomeration.  

Don't miss the awesome bread here!

The view from 2nd floor of the cafe. Isn't is amazing? :)

2012.12.23~2013.03.31 普羅旺斯的晚上還有光之祭典,千萬不要錯過啦~
2012.12.23~2013.03.31 Provence lighting festival, make sure to be there!

今天又跟客人們渡過了開心的一天 :)
Its yet, another fruitful and awesome day spent with our guest.

JK : 歡迎來韓國玩 Welcome to Korea! <3