I've been so busy meeting all these wonderful people that I haven't had time to blog. We've been working hard on expanding our tour company JKN Tour. Since it's winter here, we've been taking our guests on Ski Tours to Phoenix Park (Home of the 2018 Winter Olympics).


Many of the guests who stay with us join us on the tours, but many guests also stay at other places but decide to join our tour anyway. Why? Probably because we provide the best service for the most reasonable price. Most other tours over book and don't provide enough practice time for the guests. Usually we have at least 3 instructors teaching at once. This makes the experience feel more one on one and you learn how to ski faster. For better and more personable service, choose JKN Tour. ^^ For more information on costs and our winter tour packages please check out the other blog. Did I mention I'm your tour guide for these snow adventures?

In case you don't believe how much fun we have, I've included some pictures to show you.


Oh and don't worry…if you fall. We'll always be around to help you back up ^.~ Thanks for choosing Hongdae JK House.

<3 @absolutslacker