Coffee Break

"I never knew just what it was
About this old coffee shop I love so much..." 

Hongdae is known for two things. The amazing night life filled with young people, bars and lively clubs. The other thing is the coffee shops. I've done part one featuring some of the cool places but there are an endless number of amazing coffee shops out here. There is actually a local artist that illustrated 12 of the fascinating cafes in Hongdae. Pictures from the book to come later. (Here are Hongdae JK House we want to bring you all the latest and greatest make sure to check back often.)

Cafe aA: Modern Chic Meets Industrial Cool

408-11 Seogyo-dong (19-18 Wausan-ro 17-gil)
Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Sangsu Station - Brown Line (LINE 6) Exit 1

 This cafe is actually located between Hongdae and Sangsu. Sangsu is also another area with really cool coffee shops and dessert places. Cafe aA is part cafe, part design museum. The building looks very modern and its got lots of art installments that make it feel sort of industrial yet hipster cool. I had a chicken sandwich and coffee there. I forgot what the coffee was specifically but I remember it being good.

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Cafe Organic: Healthy AND Delicious

Address: 31 Wausan-ro 27-gil, 339-1 Seogyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, 121-210, South Korea

 This cafe opens at 11am and serves really good food. It's a bit pricey but their chicken salad is amazing. The chicken is covered with sliced almonds and then pan fried. You get the crunchy outside without having to eat fried batter that you might get on other chicken salads. They also have a selection of interesting coffees including the marshmallow latte. It doesn't taste very good...but it is interesting. Their other coffees do taste better ^^ Brunch is good and so is their Dutch pancakes. Topped with blueberries, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream. What a great way to start the day ;)

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Cafe Bomnal: Love blossoms on a spring day... 

Address: 331-8 Seogyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Hongik University Station - Green line (LINE 2) Exit 8

This may not be the exact address but if you put it into Google maps it'll show up. It's right on the corner

This cute cafe is located on the 2nd floor. It's got great sandwiches and selection of drinks. It's pretty quiet but not to the point where people cannot have a normal conversation. They also have a smoking section for smokers. I'm not sure if they still have that now that they passed the law about not allowing smoking indoors, however last time I went they did have one. The name of the cafe means, "Spring Day" so they have a really cute logo. It looks like a lot of effort was put into this cafe and it is frequented by many people.

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Jakiya: Art always meets coffee in Hongdae

Address: 331-2 Seogyo-dong (6 Wausan-ro 29ba-gil)
Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Hongik University Station - Green line (LINE 2) Exit 8

This coffee shop is located in the building right next to Molly's Pops (mentioned in a previous post). It's on the 2nd floor. It's cool because this place holds ceramics classes every week or something. Their mugs and stuff look like they were all handmade. It's a nice quiet place to study or chat with your friends. They also have amazing shaved ice (팥빙수) all year round. Even in the freezing months of the winter, if you are like me and enjoy eating cold things when it's snowing then this place is for you. 

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Tora-b: Featured as one of the 12 fascinating cafes in hongdae

Address: 347-30 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Hongik University Station - Green line (LINE 2) Exit 8

 Cutest menu idea ever. They took pictures of the menu and some of the items and then used the photographs as the menu. The menu comes in an old VHS holder with retro movie covers. It's a really cute and quaint cafe. Their sweet pumpkin cake is really good. Not too sweet and really creamy. Highly recommended! Also they give free hugs and you ring the bell for service. There is a string hanging in the middle of the cafe for you to pull on when you are ready to order. It's no wonder this cafe was featured in the 12 fascinating cafes in Hongdae.

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So many more Hongdae cafes to feature just for your coffee loving needs. I'll be back with some more posts soon about street food in Hongdae, more cafes, and more exciting adventures as I wrap up my time in Korea. (Sorry for being MIA...I was traveling through SE Asia.)

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