I Scream You Scream

...we all scream for Molly's Pops.

Molly's Pops is this cool little ice cream shop in backstreet mazes of Hongdae that has me going back all the time. They make their own unique flavors that have people coming back for more. Their signature flavors are for adults only because they have an alcohol kick to it. They have Erdinger Beer, Wine and Strawberry, and even a fusion of Kahlua makgeolli. For classic ice cream lovers, they have chocolate, mint chocolate chip and brownie. Once I had a peanut butter one there and it was so amazing! It was creamy and reminded me of this popsicle I loved when I was a kid. For the more adventurous, they even have wasabi flavored ice cream. I hear it is spicy but haven't be able to bring myself to try it yet. There are always people hustling through this little shop situated in the quieter part of Hongdae behind exit 8. This place is cool because the owner is so nice and all of the ice cream is homemade. There are also cookies and other cute treats they sell there as well. For 11/11 (pepero day) in Korea, they made their own little unique snacks as well. If you look closely in the picture you can see the pepero cake that they had for sale.

This place is pretty famous that bloggers are always writing about it so it's not news to anyone but...I'd been meaning to write this entry for a long time because I always bring people to this place when they come to Hongdae. Yesterday I had the black sesame one and of course I was blown away. They make their ice cream really creamy and not sickeningly sweet. They even do take out so if you want to bring some for your friends, they'll pack it up with dry ice for you to take home. Next time you find yourself in Hongdae make sure you stop by, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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