Wings, Hearts, and Coffee Cups

Korean pop culture update: what's the hottest new thing in Korea?

Koreans love their's the only country where you can get Startcraft championships on TV and ramen in PC rooms. I have recently become addicted to a few games on my cell phone due to this new sudden boom of cell phone games. As if Koreans were not on their cell phones enough, lately there has been a sudden new craze of kakaotalk (texting/messenger) games that have got these Koreans even more attached to their phones. It started with Anipang. This Kakaotalk puzzle game with cute little animal faces that you have to move around to make them disappear. Imagine Bejeweled Blitz with cute animal faces. You can see grown men standing in the subways with their suits and briefcases playing this game. It's quite the hit. Now an even. More addicting game has come out called Dragon Flight. I admit staying up late just to play that game. If you see people in Korea on their cell phones, they are probably playing one of these games or messenging their friends telling them to send them more hearts or wings so they can continue playing. Every round of these games requires a heart or wings that regenerate every 6 minutes. You get a max of 6 but they get used up pretty me on this one. However, your friends can send you these items so you can continue playing. My students all play these games so I've been sent many of them. I tell them to study more and play less but I play frequently too so who am I to talk. Heh..
Oh there is also a simulation game called I Love Coffee or something like that. It was pretty popular but now it's been replaced by Dragon Flight.

Here are some screenshots so you can recognize what I'm talking about when you see people running into trees while on their cell phones. You now know the reason for it.