Hongdae Hope and Free Market

On the weekends in Hongdae you can go check out the Free market. It is open on Saturdays from 1-6 or 7pm. It's filled with creative and eclectic things that are usually handmade by the vendors. I think there's also another one that is on Sunday called the Hope market. There are different vendors that rotate through each week. This place is located near the university at the park with the children's playground. If you watched 신사의 품격 (A Gentleman's Dignity) you would have seen the playground. It's really famous because at night there's usually live music there.

I took these pictures this afternoon so this is the Free Market. If I get a chance tomorrow, I will try to take a picture of the Hope Market but...no promises because I'm on a pretty tight schedule tomorrow. This is pretty close to JK House, you can definitely walk there. Come out exit 9 on Line 2 (Green Line). Look at the map.