Mak..geo...what? Ah! makgeolli!

Makgeolli - Korean Traditional Rice Wine

           On a rainy day in Korea you can barely ever find a seat in one of these makgeolli bars's a rainy day rice wine. Koreans like to eat korean pancakes known as "jeon" that are made with many different ingredients. The most popular is the "pa jeon" or the "green onion pancake". I've been told that Koreans traditionally like to drink makgeolli and eat jeon on rainy days because the sound of the pancake sizzling sounds like the pouring rain.

          It didn't rain yesterday but since this drink has been so popular we had to bring you a review of one of the coolest makgeolli bars in Seoul. Guess where it's located? HONGDAE!! This place is easy to miss if you aren't looking for it because it is on a street that doesn't have too much foot traffic. It is called "Taste of the Moon" or "Wolhyang" in Korean. It made the CNNgo's list for 5 best makgeolli places in Seoul and top 5 bars in Seoul as well! The rice wine there is made from organic brown rice and can be up to 15% alcohol. Originally makgeolli is about as strong as beer. More to come...we promise and hope to bring you the best.