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For those of you who have been watching the addicting drama A Gentleman's Dignity there are a few places in the drama that you might want to check out while you're in Korea. First off, the Mango Six where they film all the cafe scenes is actually in Seoul. I just went to check it out and it was good. There were lots of people though so I was a bit bummed that I didn't get that many good shots. I had the Mango Coconut drink that they always order. I will be out in that area today so I'll probably get that blue lemonade this time. Haha...product placement. When I was addicted to The Greatest Love all I wanted to drink was Vitamin water. We are tools when it comes to blatent advertising. haha...Oh please note that these directions are from Hongdae Station because that's where JK House is located!


This is the cafe where he first sees her when she's trying to find some shelter from the rain. Let me tell you this...do NOT go there on the weekend. You can't find a seat and you definitely can't get any pictures because people are everywhere. I went there today and just took my drink to go.

Here's the address:

97 Nonhyeon-dong (734 Eonju-ro)
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Take the green line (Line 2) towards Sincheon/City Hall direction until you get to Konkuk University.
You need to transfer there to the olive green line (Line 7) and take that towards the Express Bus Terminal.
Get off at Hak-dong Station. Exit 9. Walk out and at the first big intersection make a left. Keep walking, and you'll see it on your right hand side. MAN GO SIX!!

BONJEONG-DONG, GYEONGGI DO (A Gentleman's Dignity)

This is supposedly the place where the dress scene and the ending proposal scene was shot. I'll go verify that on Monday when I make a trip out there. I'll take some pictures and post them. For now, here is the address and map that I will be following on Monday. It's a street with cafes and restaurants. It's supposed to be very pretty.

Bojeong-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

So...Take the green line (Line 2) towards Hapjyeong/Sindorim and get off at Gangnam. You will need to transfer to the pink line (Sinbundang Line) that is there and take it to Jeongja Station. From there get on to the yellow line (Bundang Line) towards Bojeong. Get off at Jukjeon station and take exit 1. From there the roads are a bit complicated so I suggest you follow a map. I'll let you know how it goes on Monday. Expect some more stuff coming... I didn't finish the cafe part 2 yet but I'm getting to it.

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  1. Hi .. you are amazing ..
    I have been looking for the proposal location the whole day !!

    we are looking for the proposal location Pics ;)

    I hope that I can visit Korea one day to see those places :)

    can you share with us another wonderful location like the one with coloerful chairs that they always had lunch there..
    and the location of the Lake they once set there..

    I know I have along comment :).. Thank YOU ..

  2. it's been pouring lately so I couldn't go out to the location. I figured the pictures would turn out terribly. I'm thinking about making the trip next week.

    are you talking about mango six? The cafe with the green chairs? As for the Lake...I'm not sure which lake you're talking about. Which episode is it from?

  3. Hi again..
    Thank you for your reply ..

    Sorry, I did not notice that I asked as an opened questions like that :)

    for that Lake.. I think it's kinda of a park on episode#16 min 45

    about the resturant it's on episode#13 min 37:18 and the other one on episode#8 hour 1:1:12

    I don't know how much far you know about places on Korea!! but i hope am not bothering you :)

    I hope that you can do your trip with anice weather next week.


  4. I looked through the episodes and I think those places are much too small for me to recognize. I'm sorry... Oh but do you remember the shoe scene where she gives him the shoes in front of the fountain? I found the location for that and I might make a trip out there one day too.

  5. Hi again :)

    mm maybe because I like coffee shops LOL

    It seems intersting .. is it a compound or somthing .. I thought it's in front of his house building.

    enjoy your trip..

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  7. Hi, wondering if you eventually make it to Bojeong-dong, Giheung-gu? I am going to Seoul in Jan 2013 and hope to make a trip down the beautiful street & capture some memories of AGD... ^_^ Take care & thank you.